About Our Staff

Coming from the education, youth development, business and social service sectors, our mission driven and dedicated team is committed to building long term and sustainable relationships with the people and organizations we serve.

Our staff has extensive expertise and practical experience in school climate improvement, assessment and planning, bullying and violence prevention, youth involvement, peer helping, conflict mediation, experience-based training, group facilitation, classroom management, curriculum development, and prevention program management at the local and state levels.


Diana Curtin, Chief Executive Officer
Diana Curtin Chief Executive Officer
Erica Vogel, Director of Development & Strategic Relations
Erica Vogel Director of Development & Strategic Relations
LeeAnn Lichnovsky, Programs & Services Director
LeeAnn Lichnovsky Programs & Services Director
Sue Perkins, Director of Training & Program Development
Sue Perkins Director of Training & Program Development
Bernadette Sproul, Finance & HR Director
Bernadette Sproul Finance & HR Director
Lisa Alexander, Director of Communications
Lisa Alexander Director of Communications
Mary Hotaling, Development Manager
Mary Hotaling Development Manager
Geo Howard, Operations & IT Manager
Geo Howard Operations & IT Manager
Raedene Simson, Office Coordinator
Raedene Simson Office Coordinator
Peggy B., Senior Outreach Coordinator
Peggy B. Senior Outreach Coordinator
Suzanne Watkins, Senior Program Coordinator
Suzanne Watkins Senior Program Coordinator
Marcus Bronsord, Outreach & Program Coordinator
Marcus Bronsord Outreach & Program Coordinator
Charles Landrum, Outreach & Program Coordinator
Charles Landrum Outreach & Program Coordinator
Jade Sizemore, Outreach Coordinator
Jade Sizemore Outreach Coordinator
Kimberlyn Moffet, Training & Program Development Coordinator
Kimberlyn Moffet Training & Program Development Coordinator
Gina Williams, Finance & Executive Coordinator
Gina Williams Finance & Executive Coordinator
Mark Thrasher, Shipping Assistant
Mark Thrasher Shipping Assistant
Brett Naftzger, Southern CA Regional Coordinator
Brett Naftzger Southern CA Regional Coordinator