Carolyn Placente

Training Team

Carolyn Placente, Training Team

Carolyn began training for Community Matters in 2013.  She brings over 20 years of experience as an educator, scholar, facilitator, advocate, and consultant. Through her community work, she fosters leadership development and civic engagement, promotes activism, advocacy, and service-based learning, and cultivates critical and creative thinking skills. Dedicated to culturally responsive restorative policies and practices, she served as a Commissioner for the Marin County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission, where she helped to lead the Commission’s efforts in developing a countywide approach to addressing racial and ethnic disparities and implementing restorative practices in juvenile justice in partnership with schools, community-based organizations, community members, and the County’s Probation Department.  A common thread throughout all of her work has been the intentional and thoughtful urging for deliberate dialogue around human rights, civil rights, and social equity, as well as active participation in public policy debate and decision-making.

Carolyn’s work with children and families and her passion for social justice are grounded in the belief that our youth represent our greatest blessing and that it is our collective responsibility to support youth in recognizing and developing their unique talents so that they may grow and excel while living consciously, productively, and sustainably as active members in thriving communities.  A nurturing, empathetic, and dynamic trainer, she provides meaningful educational opportunities for people of all ages to connect with their power to stand up, speak up, and co-create equitable, inclusive communities. Carolyn’s work stems from a deep appreciation of diversity, a sincere faith in the potential of democracy, and an unwavering commitment to lasting and positive social change.  She is a mother of two and lives in coastal West Marin, enamored of the natural beauty, incredible wildlife, and amazing people that surround her.