Shari Garn

Restorative Practices Trainer

Shari Garn, Restorative Practices Trainer

Shari Garn is the lead Restorative Practices Trainer for Community Matters. She holds a graduate certificate from the International Institute for Restorative Practices, is a candidate for their master's degree, and is in training to become an IIRP instructor. She has collaborated with Community Matters on the design of Restorative Practices trainings and presentations.

Prior to this work, Shari Garn was a kindergarten and first grade public school teacher and movement and music specialist for young children in Northern California for 25 years. She taught most extensively in an urban setting with impoverished, "high risk" youth.

Shari continues to be a Restorative Conference facilitator for youth and young adults referred by the courts in Santa Rosa, California. She also facilitates Restorative Conferences for Santa Rosa City Schools at the middle school and high school levels and was a member of the Santa Rosa City Schools’ Restorative Justice implementation committee.