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November 5 2015

Restorative Practices: It’s Easier Said Than Done - 5 Keys to Success

Rick Phillips and Jennifer Senechal discuss the trend away from zero-tolerance and suspensions and towards restorative practices in school discipline, and provide insight into the steps needed to shift the school culture towards this new paradigm.

October 22 2015

Strategies to Reduce Bullying & Discipline Incidents

In this webinar, Community Matters ED Rick Phillips discusses the importance of youth empowerment, the methodology behind the evidence-based Safe School Ambassadors® program, and shows how investing in youth to become leaders creates better educational outcomes and saves time and money for educators.

September 24 2015

Alcohol Tobacco & Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention & Intervention: Engaging Students as a Solution

Jennifer Senechal and LeeAnn Lichnovsky describe Community Matters' new ATOD Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program, and explain how it is modeled after the Safe School Ambassadors Program to empower youth to engage and intervene with their friends to make healthier choices around substance use.

August 12 2015

Assessing Your School Climate and Getting the Results You Want

Community Matters ED & Founder Rick Phillips discusses strategies for successfully planning and implementing school climate improvement, including CM's Whole School Climate 360 Assessment.

May 13 2015

Safe School Ambassadors®: Harnessing Student Power to Stop Bullying and Mistreatment

Community Matters Founder and Executive Director Rick Phillips presents the core concepts and methodology of the Safe School Ambassadors Program, which focuses on empowering students with the skills and competence to intervene safely with their peers to defuse, de-escalate and stop bullying and mistreatment.

April 9 2015

5 Key Strategies for Preventing Hazing, Harassment & Bullying in School Sports and Athletics

In this webinar we'll demonstrate how schools can effectively prevent and reduce bullying and harassment while building the character and leadership skills of student athletes. It will also explore the importance of providing leadership training for coaches and other adults who supervise and coach young people.

March 4 2015

5 Action Steps for Assessing Your School Climate and Getting the Results You Want

CM Executive Director Rick Phillips and Programs & Training Director Jennifer Senechal provide an overview of the importance of school climate, and a road map for managing the increasing number of climate improvement mandates that schools face today.

January 29 2015

Restorative Practices: 5 Keys to Successful Implementation

CM Founder and Executive Director, Rick Phillips, and Shari Garn, Restorative Practices Trainer, provide an overview of Restorative Practices and strategies for schools to successfully make the transition from traditional punitive-based to restorative-based discipline.

November 20 2014

Improving School Climate and Discipline Through Restorative Practices

More and more schools are turning to Restorative Practices as a viable alternative to the zero-tolerance policies often associated with high suspension rates and challenged school climates. This webinar provides an overview of Restorative Practices and their impact on improved discipline and school climate.

October 22 2014

Engage, Equip and Empower Students to Reduce Bullying, Harrassment and Cyberbullying

Community Matters Founder and Executive Director Rick Phillips explains why empowering students to become upstanders is the most effective way to improve school climate.

February 11 2014

Empowering Elementary Age Students to Stand Up and Speak Out to Prevent Bullying

CM Executive Director Rick Phillips presents current research on school climate and restorative practices and shows how educators can utilize these principles to create safe, inclusive and high-performing schools.

October 25 2013

Safe School Ambassadors - Empowering Students to Reduce Bullying and Improve Educational Outcomes

Community Matters Executive Director and Founder, Rick Phillips, explains how the Safe School Ambassadors Program wakes up the courage of students and school staff to recognize and intervene safely and effectively when bullying and mistreatment occur. Empowering students with the skills to confidence to intervene with their peers is one of the five determinants of CM's Whole School Climate Framework, a blueprint for improving school climate, reducing suspensions, and increasing academic performance.

April 18 2013

Identifying Resources to Fund Your Bullying & Violence Prevention Efforts

Join Rick Phillips, Executive Director, and William Grace Frost, Director of Strategic Relations of Community Matters, as they present ideas and resources for helping schools find funding for bullying and violence prevention efforts.

January 30 2013

Creating Safer Schools From the Inside Out

CM Executive Director Rick Phillips presents the case for building safer schools by waking up the courage of students to notice, defuse and stop bullying and create a school climate where all youth and adults thrive. Originally presented to the Iowa Public Schools Insurance Program (IPSIP) with support from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

January 23 2013

Webinar - Empowering Elementary Age Students To Stand Up & Speak Up To Prevent Bullying

CM Executive Director Rick Phillips explains the dual track of the Elementary Enhanced Safe School Ambassadors Program: training students in grades 4 - 6 to go from being bystanders to upstanders as Ambassadors, then further training them as mentors to pass on their knowledge of how to recognize mistreatment and stand up for others to grades 1 - 3.

November 7 2012

Safe School Ambassadors - Empowering Bystanders to Intervene Safely and Effectively

CM Founder & Executive Director Rick Phillips explains the logic model and effectiveness of the Safe School Ambassadors program in empowering bystanders to reduce mistreatment and improve school climate.

October 23 2012

Funding Support Opportunity for SSA Anti-Bullying Program

Learn about funding opportunities for the Safe School Ambassadors and related programs and services for the San Diego/Imperial County, California region, sponsored by San Diego/Imperial County Schools JPA

February 1 2012

5 Strategies for Creating Safer, High-Performing Schools

Community Matters Executive Director Rick Phillips presents this webinar focusing on Whole School Climate, a clear blueprint to help schools achieve the educational outcomes that have proven so elusive in recent reform efforts.