Bus Driver Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training

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The Problem:

Schools are experiencing increased incidents of bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment. This trend is often manifested on the vehicles that carry children to and from school. Far too often, students who begin or end their day with what should be a peaceful and social time, rather find themselves the targets of teasing, taunting or isolation on their friendly school bus.

Bus drivers are often not able to respond in a timely or effective manner due to:

  • their primary focus is on safe driving,
  • not personally witnessing the incidents,
  • insufficient relational connection, and
  • a lack of training and skillfulness.

The Solution:

Community Matters’ Bus Driver Bullying Prevention & Intervention Training supports drivers in seeing how creating a positive climate on their vehicle can help them do their job more effectively, thereby achieving an end result of a safer bus with fewer discipline issues. 

The primary focus for drivers is already on safety, yet this outcome will be enhanced when their young riders see that they care, and that the driver is there to support them by managing behaviors proactively and responsively, rather than reactively.

This training supports drivers in becoming “asset building adults” by teaching participants how to understand and recognize the many opportunities to connect with kids, and in developing the skills and confidence to safely and effectively intervene and “correct” behavior when it’s needed.

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Understanding the link between improving bus climate and better student behavior
  • Understanding positive relationship building as a basis for a safe bus experience
  • Greater self-awareness and self-management of personal triggers and reactions
  • Increased understanding of laws and policies and strategies for meeting all compliance requirements
  • Learning pro-active strategies to build and maintain a bus climate of safety and respect

Who This Training is For:

This training is designed for elementary, middle and high school transportation providers.

If desired, participants can also include district and site administrators, transportation supervisors, teachers, guidance counselors, school social workers, coaches or any other school staff involved with bus riding, driving or overseeing.

Scheduling Details:

The Bus Driver Bullying Prevention & Intervention Training is a one-day, 6-hour training for 15-40 participants.

Customized services are also available to meet the specific needs of a school or district. These include presentations and shorter workshops with larger or smaller groups, consultancy and focus group sessions.

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