Keynotes & Presentations

Our presentations are engaging, interactive and provide resources and tools. We bring practical experience and knowledge of best-practices in the areas of school bullying and violence-prevention, whole school climate and youth empowerment. Our keynotes and presentations inspire audiences and equip them to take effective action. We work closely with you so we can design and deliver keynotes, workshops and other presentations that meet your exact needs and wishes.

Community Matters has spoken at many national, regional and local conferences, events, meetings and assemblies. Following is a list of some of the presentations given to date:

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals Convention
  • Boston Safer School Forum
  • Texas School Boards Association/Texas Association of School Administrators Conference
  • Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference
  • National School Board Association Conference
  • Clinton School of Public Service, Speaker Series
  • California School Boards Association Conference
  • Oregon Medical Alliance Association Conference

About Our Presenters

Our presenters connect with and inspire diverse audiences across the continent, from education, government, youth-serving organizations, businesses and corporations, families and young people of all ages. 

Please contact us if you are interested in having a representative from Community Matters speak at your conference or workshop.

Rick Phillips, Executive Director

Rick Phillips, founder/Executive Director, Community Matters, a nonprofit focused on youth violence-prevention, is a nationally-recognized educator, trainer, keynote presenter, and workshop leader who has presented to more than 300 organizations and groups. He has been interviewed on The Today Show and many other radio, television and online interviews. Rick is the lead author of Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing Student Power to Stop Bullying and Violence and Ten Years after Columbine: School Violence-Prevention Report Card. He co-created the Safe School Ambassadors® program, a youth-involvement, bullying-prevention program implemented in nearly 1,000 schools across North America. Rick earned his Master’s of Science Degree in education from the University of Southern California, where he was a recipient of a United States Office of Education Fellowship. He has been a principal and teacher at elementary, middle, and high schools, a school district and county office of education administrator, and a Regional Director at the Healthy Kids Center for the California Department of Education. Rick brings these years of expertise and practical experience to his inspiring presentations. He is a father, grandfather and champion of children and youth.

In addition to Mr. Phillips, other senior trainers that have presented are John Linney, Annette Schyadrè and Sarah Behm:

John Linney, Senior Trainer

John Linney holds an M.A. and is considered a master speaker and trainer with a participatory approach to learning and a speaking style described as engaging, authentic and energizing. John is passionate about creating positive, healthy and safe youth climates that tap into young people as allies in preventing cruelty and violence in schools. He has been the keynote speaker at several events and conferences and has been a featured guest on numerous local and national television and radio programs in the U.S. and Mexico including C-SPAN, Univision, and National Public Radio. As a Senior Trainer for Community Matters, he has worked within the Safe School Ambassadors® model since 2002. 

Annette Schyadrè

For the past ten years, Annette has been combining her ability to inspire with her background in psychology and behavioral science to facilitate change. She has trained 1,000’s of youth and adults in schools across the country in the areas of bullying prevention and improving school climates. Annette has also worked with men and women in abusive relationships, victims of crimes, individuals, groups and families seeking personal growth and who are ready to rediscover lost passions, create positive change and live their lives out of their purpose.


Sarah Behm

Sarah Behm received her B.S. in City and Regional Planning from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After graduation, she headed to Spain where she received an M.B.A. in Business Management and perfected her Spanish. Upon returnng to the U.S., Sarah was drawn to Community Matters’ mission driven work and the Safe School Ambassadors® Program. She has trained and inspired 1,000’s of youth and adults in the areas of bullying prevention and school climate improvement. She feels deeply privileged to be able to inspire, and be inspired by, the youth who choose to become Ambassadors® and refers to them respectively as “the heroes of today and tomorrow.”

Rick Phillips - Keynote Speaker Profile An overview of Rick Phillips Keynotes and Presentations history
I knew I wanted to break the old mold of keynote ‘speeches’ and move our participants into a different mode. you made it happen. . . . Thank you for a great energizer and motivating keynote. -Starla Jewell-Kelley, Executive Director, National Community Education Association
The Safe School Ambassadors program has provided us with a well-designed student-to-student initiative that has made a positive difference in over 30 of our district’s schools. - Alison Adler, Ed.D., Chief, Safety & Learning Environment, School District of Palm Beach County, FL