SSA - Resources Provided

The Safe School Ambassadors program includes a comprehensive set of resources and materials to support students and adults in carrying out the roles shown on the Organization Chart & Roles.

Pre-Training Materials

Program Advisor’s Handbook

This essential guide helps Program Advisor(s) manage all aspects of their SSA Program. Includes sections on:

  • Program launch and training preparation, including a Checklist of the specific steps required to prepare for the 2-day training that launches the program, as well as guidelines and worksheets for identifying, recruiting, and selecting adults and students to be trained.
  • Ongoing program implementation, including tips & tools for documenting program results
  • Year-end wrap-up, including ideas for recognition and celebration
  • Year two and beyond, including program benchmarks and tips for sustainability

Family Group Facilitator’s Guide

Adults are responsible for leading the “Family Groups” that provide ongoing support and supervision for Ambassadors. In post-training debriefing and planning meetings, these adults receive the following materials:

  •     Family Group Facilitator’s Guide, over 100 pages on facilitating Family Group meetings effectively, including grade-level-specific agendas, activities, facilitation tips, debrief questions and more
  •     Forms, including a Family Group Assessment Form and Meeting Report

Principal’s Handbook

This concise reference helps a site principal effectively support the Program Advisor(s) to build a powerful and sustainable SSA Program. Includes sections on:

  • Program launch and training preparation, including recruitment of staff to serve as Program Advisor(s) and Family Group leaders
  • Ongoing program implementation, including how to increase understanding of, and support for, the SSA program among staff, administrators, and community partners
  • Year-end wrap-up, including guidelines for program assessment and improvement
  • Year two and beyond, including program benchmarks and tips for sustainability, such as:
    •         Suggestions for involving parents and the larger community
    •         Working with the media to showcase your efforts
    •         Ideas for fundraising to financially support your SSA programProgram launch and training preparation, including recruitment of staff to serve as Program Advisor(s) and Family Group leaders

The three items above are provided well in advance of the initial training, and are used in tandem with:

Community Matters Coordinator Support

A Program Coordinator on the staff of Community Matters is assigned to each school that commits to launch the SSA program. This Coordinator is:

Proactive – reaching out to Principal and Program Advisor by phone and email at key times before and after the training to support successful implementation

Responsive – available to the Principal and Program Advisor by phone and email (up to 2 hours per site per training purchased) to answer questions and provide advice on issues unique to that school

Training Materials

Just prior to the training dates, Training Materials are shipped. These include:

Ambassador’s Student Guide

During the training, students receive a Student Guide that helps them understand their role and develop the skills necessary to perform it successfully. Contents include:

  •     Program Overview & Ambassador Job Description
  •     Explanation of each Ambassador Action (skill), plus worksheets for Review, Training Journal, Referral Network, and Getting Help
  •     Forms, including an Action Log and Code of Conduct

Adult Guide

Provided to the adults who attend the training, this Guide contains:

  • Description of the adult's role during the training
  • Worksheets and guidelines for participating in training activities
  • An Implementation Guide and Ambassador Action Checklist
  • Introduction to the SSA Action Log App

Additional Family Group Facilitator Guides

Provided to the adults who elect to become Family Group Leaders after the training

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to supporting your school’s SSA Program continues beyond the training itself. The CM Program Coordinator assigned to your school provides post-training coaching to assist the Program Advisor with next steps to build a sustainable, effective program. In addition, the resources listed below are available on an ongoing basis:


These contain timely reminders and best practices. They are produced several times each year and sent via email to Program Advisors and Family Group Facilitators. They focus on coordinating & managing the SSA program and effective facilitation of the Family groups.

Online Program Tools

Resources for sustaining the SSA program. Requires your school’s username and password to log on to the Program Tools area of our website.

  •     Program Handbooks - Access to PDF versions of the Program Advisor's Handbook, Principal's Handbook and Family Group Facilitator's Guide
  •     Program Launch Page - View and/or download forms, letter templates, and other resources referenced in the SSA Principal’s Handbook and Program Advisor’s Handbooks.
  •     Webinars and Videos - Watch and/or participate in these resources designed to help you understand, implement and sustain your SSA program
  •     Newsletter Archives - View past and current Program Advisor/Family Group Facilitator Newsletters