SSA Mentor Training

For schools with students in grades K-6 or K-8, the Safe School Ambassadors® Mentor Training is a school-wide model that equips upper grade student Ambassadors with the language, skills and motivation to:

  • prevent, stop and report bullying and other hurtful actions in their school and neighborhood;
  • serve as cross-age mentors to all grades, presenting activities that engage and equip all students to treat others with kindness and respect, and to speak up when they witness mistreatment.

The SSA Mentor Training is typically scheduled a few months after the Safe School Ambassadors® two-day training, and includes training for:

  • Students: Previously trained Ambassadors learn to be Mentors and practice leading a series of classroom lessons for all grade levels. These lessons build a foundation of social skills and relationships that support positive classroom behavior and improved school climate.
  • Staff: Previously trained adult SSA Leaders (Family Group Facilitators, Program Advisors, Administrator In Charge) are trained in the Mentor model and provided techniques for guiding the Mentors in their new roles.
  • Administrators: the principal and other administrative staff are briefed on keys to successful implementation of the SSA program and leadership of school climate improvement efforts, including tools to present the SSA program and Mentoring plans to the school staff.

See our Program & Services Guide for current price information for this optional enhancement to the Elementary SSA Program.

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