SSA Refresher Training

The Initial Training gets the SSA program started. Students are introduced to core skills and are able to use them immediately with their friends.

Over time, especially over summer or holiday breaks, Ambassadors and adults can:

  • Lose connection with their motivation
  • Forget the finer points of skills learned in the training
  • Get distracted or unfocused

For these reasons, it is necessary to provide opportunities for Ambassadors and adults to be re-inspired, review and practice skills, and review their roles and responsibilities, and recommit to doing this important work. These key times are at the beginning of a new school year, after a long holiday break, or at any time when motivation or commitment are flagging.

The Refresher Training is a one-day training for current Ambassadors (who participated in the 2-day Initial Training and have several months of experience as Ambassadors) and adults. It:

  • reconnects Ambassadors and adults with their own internal motivation to make their school safer
  • helps deepen and refine the skills introduced in the Initial training
  • helps Ambassadors “troubleshoot” interventions that did not work as well as they’d have liked
  • helps program leaders and Ambassadors TOGETHER assess what’s working and what needs to be strengthened

Refresher Trainings can be conducted by Community Matters and include a high degree of customization, so please contact us to discuss your school’s unique situation and needs.

  • Schools that want this support are strongly encouraged to schedule fall Refresher Trainings in the spring in order to get their first choice of dates.

Some schools choose to pool the expertise of staff and Ambassadors already trained and use the materials from the Initial Training to create their own Refresher Trainings.