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The following programs and services are organized around our Whole School Climate Framework, the components of which, contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable approach to improving school climate, decreasing bullying/cyberbullying-related incidents and suspensions, and positively affecting academic achievement and attendance. Each component can be implemented separately or as a multi-pronged approach, providing the flexibility to address each school or district's specific culture, needs and goals.

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Safe School Ambassadors® (Elementary, Middle & High School Programs)

Our Safe School Ambassadors® Program (SSA) is the nation’s most effective student-centered bystander empowerment program that prevents and stops bullying/cyberbullying, harassment and other mean-spirited behaviors. SSA is included in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. The SSA Program, which has been implemented in over 1,500 schools across the country, has been shown to improve school climate, reduce suspensions by 33%, increase attendance and promote academic achievement. Click here to learn more. (Note: For schools with less than 250 enrollment, please see our Connect & Respect Program below.)

Restorative Practices Trainings

Community Matters offers a full spectrum of Restorative Practices administration and staff trainings to help institute restorative practices into school policies and procedures, as well as consulting services to assist with discipline policy updates, and best practices for a school- or district-wide implementation. Click here to learn more.

Whole School Climate 360 Assessment

The WSC360° Climate Assessment is a comprehensive, district-wide assessment and analysis process that identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps in a district’s climate improvement efforts. It provides specific solution-based recommendations that can enhance school safety and reduce suspensions while also improving attendance, increasing academic achievement, and recovering much of the time and money expended when dealing with disciplinary incidents. Click here to learn more.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drug Use Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program 

The Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program (PPPP) aims to decrease student use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drugs (ATOD) through careful selection of socially-influential student leaders from grades 9-12, similar to the evidence-based SSA model. Selected students and adult facilitators are then trained in communication skills and techniques, so they can effectively communicate with their peers about the use, misuse and abuse of ATOD’s. Click here to learn more.

Connect & Respect Program (for schools with 250 or less enrollment)

For smaller schools this one-day, modified-SSA training aims to impact all students and faculty on campus by providing the skills and experiences to challenge stereotypes about one another and to build more positive relationships, which in turn, reduces mistreatment and improves the school’s social-emotional climate. Click here to learn more.

Waking Up Courage Assemblies

This powerful, high-energy event delivers a compelling message to all students that bullying/cyber-bullying and harassment are not OK, and silently standing by allowing it to happen isn’t either. It uses youth-friendly language in introducing the needed skills for safely and effectively defusing, deescalating and stopping mean and thoughtless behaviors. Up to 3 WUCA’s per day can be easily incorporated into existing school bell schedules. Click here to learn more.

Professional Development Trainings

We help schools and other educational organizations empower and equip their staff - certificated, classified and administrative - to increase their understanding of the pervasive nature of bullying and cyberbullying. These engaging workshops strengthen skills for interacting positively with students and building a positive climate that promotes educational excellence. Click here to learn more.

Parent Workshop

This engaging, informative and skill-based two-hour session helps parents/guardians improve their interactions with their children, learn how to manage their children's social media activities and improve communication with the school staff. Click here to learn more.

Youth Summit

This one-day event brings diverse and influential youth together to discuss significant issues such as racial tensions, gang involvement, drugs and alcohol, bullying and violence. Through the summit, participants challenge stereotypes, openly share their views, generate ideas and recommendations, and learn ways to work more effectively with school adult leaders. Click here to learn more.

Safer Schools Community Symposium

This one-day Symposium brings together high-level decision-makers of a city, county, or region - the leaders best positioned to be partners, funders and advocates. The symposium presents the latest research and "best-practice" strategies for creating safer schools and empowering youth to reduce bullying and violence. Click here to learn more. 

Keynotes and Presentations

Dynamically delivered and customized to your organization's audience and objectives. Topics include "Building Safer Schools from the Inside Out," "From Bystanders to Peacemakers: Empowering Youth to Stop Bullying and Violence," and others addressing strengthening school climate, violence prevention and youth development. Click here to learn more.

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The Safe School Ambassadors program has provided us with a well-designed student-to-student initiative that has made a positive difference in over 30 of our district’s schools. - Alison Adler, Ed.D., Chief, Safety & Learning Environment, School District of Palm Beach County, FL
…valuable BIG picture view of the school district and city…student presentations were impressive… provided a great opportunity to develop ideas and network into action plans… very motivating. - Safer Schools Symposium Participants

Ten Keys to Safer Schools

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