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Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing Student Power To Stop Bullying And Violence

Billions of dollars have been expended to make schools safer using an “Outside-In” approach, which relies heavily on security as a solution. Recent incidents of school violence demonstrate that this approach alone has had only partial success.

Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing Student Power To Stop Bullying And Violence presents a complementary, “Inside-Out” approach that recognizes that students hold the key to making schools safer. 

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Here’s Why:

  • Students see hear and know things that adults don’t, and can intervene in ways adults can’t.
  • Students influence – and can change – the social norms that make bullying and violence acceptable and allow these incidents to occur.

Our book:

  • Is a how-to guide that makes the case and provides a road map for building safer schools from the inside-out.
  • Shows ways that adults can equip students with powerful nonviolent communication and intervention skills they can use with their peers
  • Helps adults engage and empower students as allies who break “the code of silence” and report potentially dangerous incidents.
  • Is based on the Safe School Ambassadors® program, research-based and field-tested with more than 70,000 students in grades 4-12 in more than 1500 schools in North America.
  • Provides case studies, data and stories of the profound difference young people are making as peacemakers in their schools and communities.

This book helps educators, families, and the broader community develop effective solutions to the epidemic of insults, bullying, harassment, and violence.

Publication date: April 18, 2008.

About the authors:   Rick Phillips | John Linney | Chris Pack

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