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“Bullying and youth violence are critical public health issues that have serious academic, social, and emotional costs. This book provides an antidote that can decrease acts of intolerance and create a healthy and compassionate learning community.”

Deborah Prothrow-Stith, MD
Harvard School of Public Health
Roxbury, Massachusetts


“At a time when many talk about the need to stop bullying and other forms of violence, it is refreshing to encounter a book that shows us how to do so. Safe School Ambassadors offers a unique and powerful approach by empowering bystanders to become peacemakers, thus helping create safer schools from the inside out.”

Barbara Coloroso
Educator and author, The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander
Littleton, Colorado


“This very practical book offers an innovative and proven approach to decreasing violence in schools through student empowerment. It is the only sane solution for ensuring security in our society.”

Deepak Chopra,
Author, The Deeper Wound: Recovering the Soul from Fear and Suffering
Carlsbad, California


“I highly recommend SAFE SCHOOL AMBASSADORS to all educators. In a clear, simple, and engaging style, this book makes the case and provides a practical road map for addressing the major challenge to our students' healthy development and school success: the lack of opportunities for their meaningful participation and contribution in their lives at school. The authors demonstrate how schools can "harness" the power of students to create a safe school environment that promotes not only learning but the social, emotional, moral, and spiritual development of young people as well.”

Bonnie Benard, M.S.W.
Senior Program Associate, WestEd
Oakland, California


"If schools are going to be safe and welcoming places for everyone, influential students must be enlisted to serve as alert and effective allies. The Safe School Ambassadors program has provided us with a well-designed student-to-student initiative that has made a positive difference in over 30 of our District's schools."

Alison Adler, Ed.D.
Chief, Safety and Learning Environment
School District of Palm Beach County, Florida


"In bullying interactions, peers can be part of the problem or part of the solution. This book provides practical and innovative strategies to ensure that youth support each other in developing healthy relationships."

Wendy Craig, Ph.D.
Co-leader of the Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying
Director of The Bully Lab
Professor of Psychology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario


"This book is a 'must read' for every school leader and teacher. The Safe School Ambassadors program inspires and trains students to promote safety, respect, and compassion for others through a powerful intervention model that transforms school campuses to supportive and safe communities. This is the most effective program I have seen in my thirteen years as a middle school principal and assistant principal."

Kathy Coker
Santa Rosa Middle School
Santa Rosa, California


"I have long noticed that conflict management vocabulary and understanding grow gradually in young people. Some excellent programs do not work well with secondary students because their ideas are hard for older youth to integrate. I am impressed by the SSA approach and believe that it represents the most innovative contemporary thinking about involving secondary students in violence prevention. I highly recommend this well written, well-organized book."

John H. Hoover
Interim Associate Dean
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, Minnesota


"I’ve worked with bully prevention programs for more than two decades and the Safe School Ambassadors program is one of the few that authentically engages students in effective and efficient training to directly reduce aggression and bullying in the school. The agenda is pro-active, establishes an emphasis on curriculum and climate, and provides the skills and encouragement young people need to take responsibility for improving their school. It has already demonstrated a positive impact on hundreds of schools and thousands of students and promises to continue delivering excellent results in the coming years."

Arthur M. Horne, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Professor
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia



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