Caroline Gosling, M.Ed.

Caroline Gosling

Caroline brings over 30 years of experience when it comes to education! Her high levels of diversity span teaching and being a principal in a number of elementary, middle school and high schools, many in inner city neighbourhoods.

Caroline is a life-long learner. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and is currently working for the Ministry of Education in Edmonton, Alberta. On an ongoing basis, Caroline is immersed in the latest research related to student success.

Caroline was introduced to restorative practices in the mid-nineties when she was a beginning principal. She was invited to a Community Conference facilitator training and from then on, her desire to support our vulnerable youth in a more restorative way has remained her priority.

The principles and restorative processes resonated with her and she has been applying them in her work and life ever since.

In 2001 Caroline was trained as a trainer and has conducted numerous successful workshops with educators, police and community members. In addition to facilitator training, Caroline works with schools, parents and organizations to apply restorative principles in their day to day work and interactions with children, youth and each other, resulting in a more restorative and peaceful culture.

Outside of work, Caroline enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and attempting to stay fit!