Mike Simpson, M.A.

Mike Simpson

Mike's background in the use of Restorative Practices began in the mid-90's as an Assistant Principal in South Burlington, Vermont. He and the School Resource Officer partnered as trainers of Restorative Conferences and conducted workshops and trainings for school teachers, counselors, and administrators, attorneys, judges, and police and corrections personnel.

Mike relocated to Petaluma in 2001 where he served as principal of Petaluma High School through 2007 and continued with Restorative Practices and conference implementation. As Superintendent/Principal of the Two Rock Unified School District from 2007-2015, he brought Restorative Practices to teachers and students at the K-6 level. Mike retired from Two Rock in June of 2015 after serving 37 years in public education.

Mike has begun working as a consultant with Community Matters and will be providing trainings to K-12 educators and school personnel on the implementation of restorative practices, in addition to his working as a Trainer of Trainers with the International Institute of Restorative Practices. 

Mike and his wife enjoy spending time with their 3 kids and 4 grand kids. His leisure time pursuits include swimming, running, hiking, and fishing.