Dateline NBC “My Kid Would Never Bully”

March 9 2011


  • Rick Phillips, Founder, Community Matters
    Rick Phillips
    Founder, Community Matters

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On March 6 at 7pm, Dateline NBC aired a captivating program about school bullying, that I encourage everyone to watch, called My "Kid Would Never Bully". As a national epidemic affecting 3 million kids, this show demonstrates the importance of “Bystander Empowerment” efforts like Safe School Ambassadors. Parents, alongside parenting experts, watched what their own kids do as bystanders to staged bullying scenarios. You will be surprised to see what happens…

Send us your commentary! Let us know how this show affects you and your understanding about bullying. Watch the first segment above, and go to MSNBC's video archive to watch the rest of the program.

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