Rick Phillips Speaks On Bullying at the Clinton School of Public Service

August 26 2011


  • Geo Howard, Operations & IT Manager
    Geo Howard
    Operations & IT Manager

The Clinton School of Public Service invited Rick Phillips, Executive Director of Community Matters as one of their Distinguished Speakers for their series of public lectures in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Each year, the Clinton School selects a few leaders to speak on important current issues.  Past speakers have included Elizabeth Warren, Janet Napolitano and Gov. Mike Huckabee. Their invitation places Rick among a select group indeed. This Clinton School invitation underscores Rick’s position as the thought leader on the topic of school bullying and school climate.

While in Little Rock, Rick was also interviewed by the KTHV reporter, Craig O’Neill. Click here to see Rick’s interview

Rick describes bullying as an “epidemic” spreading across our schools.  New articles about bullying and its consequences land on the front page daily.  Although parents, teachers and school administrators recognize the impact of bullying in schools, they often have no idea how to go about finding a solution.

A great place to start is right here on the Community Matters website. We have a long track record of success with training students and staff across the country to prevent bullying and improve school climate.  Take action today!

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