A Success Story from a Donor

CEO and founder of Abacus Wealth Partners in Sebastopol, CA, Spencer Sherman believes in reinvesting wealth into worthy causes. Since 2005, Spencer has been sponsoring the Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) program in numerous schools across the country, one being his alma mater, Bayside High School in New York. After one year, students and staff were so impressed with the program’s impact on their school’s climate that they proceeded to raise funds themselves to continue the SSA program.

Watch the video created by students and staff at Bayside High thanking Spencer Sherman for bringing SSA to their school.

In December 2010, Community Matters interviewed Spencer to hear more about his commitment to our work.

How long have you been a donor?

“5 or 6 years”

Why do you support Community Matters?

“What could be more important than training young people to become leaders and role models for others. To create a goal of peace for young people instead of aggression. To create a template for all of us to become safe ambassadors for the world.”

How does your participation with Community Matters benefit you and your personal/career goals?

“I care about my children living in a world where school violence and exclusion is a thing of the past. A safe world benefits me, my family, all of us. As a business owner, I want more people graduating who have been well educated and become leaders. People become better educated when the school environment is safe. Solid education and leadership skills make great employees. Plus all children deserve to live and study peacefully.”

Would you recommend other companies/friends to support Community Matters? Why?

“Yes. Changing young people into activists and leaders, helping them to be responsible citizens will change our world for the better.”