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October 23 2012 by Betsy Brown, Pacific News Service

Students Learning To Be Ambassadors Against Bullying

Students from five of Guam's secondary schools have been picked to become Safe School Ambassadors. The student ambassadors are being trained this week to not just talk about bullying and school violence but to put a stop to it by influencing their peers in a positive way.

April 26 2012, Yahoo News

Waking Up Courage

We can’t legislate this problem away. We can’t punish our children into being compassionate. The best solution is to wake up the courage of bystanders.

April 25 2012 by C. W. Nevius, San Francisco Chronicle

It’s time for students to stand up to bullies

Punishment sounds great, but it rarely stops the taunts, assaults and cyber-attacks. There's really only one thing that works. Students must speak out and stand up to their peers. That was the message at a daylong conference this week attended by school officials from San Francisco and the Bay Area.

March 27 2012 by Chris Smith, Press Democrat

Nothing to be done about bullying?

The new documentary “Bully” will be tough to watch, but Sebastopol's Rick Phillips is hoping teens and adults who see it won't trudge home feeling hopeless.

June 15 2011 by Victoria Nagata, Big Bear Grizzly

Tiny steps reap big change

“If not me, who? If not now, when?” That is the mantra of the Safe School Ambassadors.

May 27 2011 by Marge Neal, Frederick News Post

Gov. Martin O’Malley to Urbana Middle School

At Urbana Middle School, the message is out: Bullying is not acceptable.

May 11 2011 by Stephanie Luisier, WSAW

“Bullies Beware:” Safe School Ambassador Program

It's something no parent wants their child to go through, but it happens in schools every day.

May 9 2011 by Lucas Kavner, Huffington Post

HuffPost Greatest Person Of The Day: Rick Phillips

Everything we want –- higher graduation rates, less violence, cultural respect and diversity –- all of that will happen if we create a real community in the schools.

May 6 2011 by Keri Brenner, Healdsburg Patch

Healdsburg J.H.S. is Distinguished School

For the first time since 1990, Healdsburg Junior High has been named a California Distinguished School.

May 3 2011 by Gabrielle Olya, Hermosa Beach Patch

Parents Learn How to Talk About Bullying

From name-calling to cyber-bullies, Hermosa Beach parents and school officials have taken a first step toward addressing the social issue of bullying.

May 2 2011 by Lauren Forcella, Press Democrat

Straight Talk

I’d like to shout from the rooftops about the “Safe School Ambassadors” program.

March 30 2011 by Eric Michael Stitt, Hermosa Beach News

Students receive anti-bullying training

This week 30 students spent two days in anti-bullying training.

March 29 2011 by Liz Harrison, KFSN

ABC News talks about Safe School Ambassadors

Every day in Fresno County, hundreds of students are taking a stand against cruelty and violence at school.