Online Programs

Most of our programs and services have been adapted for online delivery. If you don’t see a program you are interested in for online delivery listed here, please see contact info at the bottom of this page.


Youth Empowerment
Safe School Ambassadors® Program Virtual Launch and Training

Training Framework: 4 Online Modules and 1 day in person training at your school site.

The online component is delivered in 4 modules, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

The Ambassadors will continue to meet with each other and their adult leaders online in Virtual Family Groups. Best practice is to have this meeting occur weekly. The online component includes Virtual Family Group Agendas.

A Community Matters Trainer will deliver the in-person full day training on campus when school resumes.

Online Content

Module 1: Foundation and Community Building

During this module participants will get acquainted with their trainer and each other, form group agreements, and understand the structure of the online modules. They will review the SSA Program principles and the Ambassador Job.

Module 2: Identifying mistreatment and the costs to ourselves and community

Participants will begin to learn how to recognize types of mistreatment including mistreatment that occurs in the wider online community and media outlets. They will learn what the costs of mistreatment are to their community and to individual people, and will be empowered to start their Ambassador work beginning with themselves.

Module 3: Ambassador Job & Balancing

During this module participants will learn about the Ambassador Job (the framework for their Ambassador work) and learn how to use the Balancing Action to maintain healthy spaces during physical distancing and beyond.

Module 4: Supporting & Getting Help

Ambassadors will learn the actions of Supporting and Getting Help. They will focus on how to use these actions during physical distancing and in-person with virtual role playing. During this module we will discuss Getting Help and referring other Ambassadors and adults to further support structures.

In-Person Content:

The in-person training will strengthen the bonds that were developed during the online modules and during the online Family Group Meetings. The Trainer will review material covered and introduce new Ambassador Actions including: Reasoning, Distracting, Active Listening and Getting Help.


Restorative Practices
An Introduction to Restorative Practices & Strategies to Implement in the Virtual Classroom

Designed for staff and administrators. Participants will develop skills for immediate application in virtual classrooms and understand how to integrate theory into practice, including:

  • Creating agreements
  • Utilizing affective statements
  • Facilitating community building circles
  • Responding restoratively to conflict and misbehavior

Participants will be able to convey an understanding of Restorative Practices and support parents/caregivers in harnessing the power of Restorative Practices to create productive online and home-schooling environments.

-2.5 hours

-For up to 40 adults

Connecting with Students Online Using Restorative Circles

This series of 4 interactive modules will explore the benefits of using Circles with students in online communities. Community Building, Responsive, Curriculum and Restorative Circles will be covered. Participants will design Circles they can immediately implement with their students.

Module 1 – The art of connecting deeply with your students using Community Building Circles
Module 2 – Standing in the Gap – Practice building community with your students online
Module 3 – Continuing to create a safe space by deepening circles with relevant topics to strengthen the online community
Module 4 – How to bring curriculum into circles, what to do when ‘Circles Go Bad’ and ready-to-go resources

-Each module 1.5 hours

-For up to 40 adults

Using Curriculum Circles Online to Strengthen Educational Settings

This module will engage and motivate participants as they delve into the beneficial possibilities of using Curriculum Circles with their students in online communities. Restorative Circles employed to support course lessons may be referred to as Curriculum Circles.

The students and teacher meet in a circle, and using prompts and a talking piece, participate in discussion of the course materials.

Covered in this module are tips for leading Curriculum Circles online and creating strong supportive education communities using Restorative Practices.

At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have practical knowledge of developing and using Curriculum Circles online
  • Be able to implement plans for their own online Curriculum Circles with students

-1.5 hours

-Up to 30 participants

For more information and to schedule these programs, contact LeeAnn Lichnovsky at 707-823-6159 x111 or email [email protected]