The Whole School Climate Framework

The Whole School Climate Framework provides educational leaders with an easy to understand, cost-effective and comprehensive blueprint for accomplishing the outcomes that schools are mandated to achieve.

The Framework supports leaders in prioritizing, organizing, coordinating, and reporting on their efforts in an integrated and synergistic way that helps all stakeholders see the value and benefits of this approach.

The Whole School Climate Framework is based on the five determinants and is aligned with emerging national school climate standards:


1. Organization

We help organizations develop a deeper understanding of the vital role that school climate plays in achieving educational outcomes and a plan to achieve them.

Learn more about our Whole School Climate 360 Assessment


2. Staff

We help schools and other educational organizations engage, empower, and equip their staff-certificated, classified and administrative-to reduce bullying, build a positive climate and promote educational excellence:

Learn more about our Professional Development Trainings


3. Students

We help schools engage, empower and equip students to work in partnership with adults to create and maintain a positive climate.

Learn more about the Safe School Ambassadors program


4. Families

We help schools engage and educate parents in how to protect their children and all young people from bullying, harassment and cyber-bullying.

Learn more about our Parent Workshops


5. Community

We help communities bring together all the stakeholder groups responsible for raising, educating and protecting children and youth. We also provide facilitation, presentations and trainings for a range of community and governmental organizations.

Learn more about the Safer School Symposium

Return on Investment

Investing in a climate-based, Inside-Out Approach returns significant, tangible and practical results. For example:

Fewer Alternative Education Placements (AEPs)

The Clear Creek Independent School District (TX) implemented the Safe School Ambassadors® program in all of its secondary schools, and over two years experienced:

  • 37% reduction in mandatory disciplinary AEPs
  • $255,000 average annual cost reduction

Reduced Suspensions, Increased Attendance, and Improved Academic Achievement

Over a five-year period, the Petaluma City School District (CA) adopted and implemented an Inside-Out Approach. They replaced school resource officers with student and family support specialists, replaced punitive disciplinary policies with formative ones, provided extensive training and support for staff and invested in engaging and empowering students to be contributors. While more than doubling its population of Limited English Proficiency students, the district experienced:

  •     34% fewer suspensions, and 28.5% fewer suspension days
  •     2% increase in attendance, resulting in $950,000 more revenue annually
  •    11% performance improvement on state standardized tests.

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