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In just a few minutes, easily calculate your Annual Costs & Losses in time and money as a result of Student Suspensions...and discover how much your school or district could recover.

Student Suspensions equal higher absenteeism, which translates directly to losses in your attendance-based revenue. Suspensions also have a secondary cost: the amount of time and money it takes to process the suspensions.

We have focused on suspensions here as an example of discipline costs because they’re a significant predictor of the quality of school climate, and because they’re universally tracked by schools. Similar calculations could be made for expulsions and drop outs, or for the growing numbers of children who stay home from school every day for fear of being bullied or otherwise mistreated by their peers.

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Now, imagine recovering and reallocating this much time and money, and possibly more!

Research shows that the most effective strategy for the prevention of harassment, cyber-aggression and bullying is empowering student bystanders to intervene. When they do, these incidents are defused, deescalated and prevented, resulting in fewer referable offenses, and ultimately, fewer suspensions.

Community Matters’ Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) program does exactly that. It wakes up students’ courage and equips them with skills to safely and effectively intervene. Based on a two‐year independent study, it has been shown that schools where the SSA program was implemented as designed, experienced a 33% decrease in suspensions. The following calculation uses that 33% decrease to calculate the amount of your potential recovery.