SSA Expansion Training

Changing the climate of a school will not happen overnight.

In fact, experience shows us that it takes about 3 years for the SSA program to really take root at a school. During this time, the number of Ambassadors will naturally decline, due to attrition, graduation, and other factors. To maintain an effective program, schools must have a “critical mass” of Ambassadors, which means they must train new Ambassadors every year or two.

Expansion Trainings replicate the Initial Training. They are 2 days in length, and are designed for training up to 40 NEW elementary, middle, or high school students and 6-8 adults; on Day 2, schools may add up to 12 previously-trained veteran Ambassadors. (1:6 adult to student ratio for each day).

To equip Ambassadors to be effective, they cover four key elements:

  1. Developing an understanding of the problem so that Ambassadors will notice mistreatment;
  2. Developing an understanding of the costs of cruelty to motivate Ambassadors to take action;
  3. Skills training (Actions) and practice
  4. Understanding program requirements (e.g. family group meetings, Code of Conduct, and Action Logs);

Expansion Trainings also provide a great avenue for bringing new adults into the program.

Schools are strongly encouraged to schedule fall Expansion Trainings in the spring in order to get their first choice of dates.



Measurement and Impact Report

Three years of comprehensive testing and rigorous data evaluation indicate that Ambassadors are able to change the prevailing student culture that says “it’s cool to be cruel".

Click here to see the Safe School Ambassadors® Program Measurement and Impact Report