SSA Initial Training

To help launch the Safe School Ambassadors program at a school site, Community Matters provides:

1) Coaching, web resources and printed materials to help site leaders:

  • Explain the program to key groups: admin team, staff, school board, parents
  • Gain administrative and staff buy-in
  • Recruit and select students and adult leaders
  • Prepare for the training

2) Two days of skill-based hands-on training for 30 to 40 students and 6-8 adults, in your community.

Using an interactive and engaging approach, the training builds a community from the diverse participants. It helps them understand how the subtle and pervasive forms of cruelty and violence they experience daily take a toll on everyone at school and often escalate the cycle of violence . . . and helps them grasp their own power to improve their school's climate.

The training equips them with a range of skills to prevent or stop mistreatment. They learn why it is necessary and how to enlist the support of trusted adults when a situation is too big for them to handle by themselves. In addition adults learn how to facilitate student meetings and effectively support the work of the Ambassadors.

3) Program support materials, including:

  • Ambassador workbooks that support the training and guide further skill development
  • Family Group Facilitator Guides to help adults supervise and support Ambassadors in their Family Group meetings
  • Program Advisor Handbook of resources for all aspects of program operation

More about Resources Provided

4) Follow-up technical assistance to ensure successful program implementation and address any needs or questions that may arise after the training. This support includes:

  • Live coaching by phone and/or email
  • Regular e-newsletters with tips and best practices
  • Web-based resources
Demonte Smith - Safe School Ambassador Students at a San Francisco middle school reflect on the impact of the SSA program

Ten Keys to Safer Schools

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Don Shigekawa: Clear Creek Independent School District Don Shigekawa of Clear Creek Independent School District talks about the impact and results of implementing the SSA program


Funding Toolkit

School Administrators are invited to download our Funding Toolkit, a guide to fundraising opportunities, grant proposal sample language and sample letters to donors.

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