Training of Trainers

The Training of Trainers (TOT) process is designed to equip a team of people from a school and/or district to conduct Expansion Trainings at specific school sites where the SSA program has already been launched, in order to continue to grow it.

Our experience has shown that this model succeeds when the TOT is the natural culmination of a multi-phase process described below. This model works best if the school has staff who:

  • are committed to the program
  • are dynamic trainers and skilled facilitators
  • are credible and approachable in the eyes of youth
  • have TIME to devote to learning and delivering the program
  • and intend to stay at the school for at least two years.

Once a school has done an Initial and two Expansion trainings, the school and its staff are eligible to participate in a Training of Trainers.

Phase 1: Initial Trainings

The Safe School Ambassadors program is launched at a school site giving staff a "laboratory" in which to study the model and determine through experience how well it works.

Phase 2: Expansion Trainings

It is important for schools to have a second training conducted by Community Matters. This gives them a chance to get a broader base of students and staff trained, and gives the school an opportunity to "refine" their implementation of the program, working through any challenges encountered in the first year. It also gives potential trainers an essential "second experience" in the training itself. When we have flexed that requirement in a couple of instances for certain individuals, those TOT participants were LOST - they spent the TOT time remembering the activity being discussed, rather than actually learning the essentials and subtleties of how to conduct it.

Phase 3: Training of Trainers (TOT)

The actual Training of Trainers is 2 days in length, and covers the overall design of the SSA Expansion training, as well as how to conduct key activities. A short segment is also devoted to Refresher Trainings, which are the one-day trainings that help previously trained Ambassadors sharpen their skills and renew their commitment.

The TOT can be followed by one or more "Practicum" experience that allows at least some TOT participants an opportunity to co-lead a 2-day Expansion Training under the guidance of a Master Trainer, and receive feedback to debrief the co-training experience. Districts often set up several "Practica."

Participants in the TOT process receive the full trainer's Manual, along with handouts used in the training. The sponsoring school or district also receives a Training Kit, which includes the flipcharts, video clips, CD and props used in the training. Additional Kits can be purchased.

Participation in the TOT requires a full day or more of study/prep on the front end, and additional time after the TOT to study and prepare (and plan with co-trainers) in order to deliver the actual Expansion Training. It is important that those who say "yes" understand the commitment, and have the support to fulfill it.

Ongoing Trainer Support

TOT Refresher: A one-day training intended to refresh & re-inspire TOT Participants. Includes training, tools, resources, and coaching. Experienced, previously-trained TOT participants only.

Program Team Support:  Your program coach remains available to help support your ongoing program success.


Pricing varies with number of site licenses, participants, training kits requested, etc. Contact us for a customized quote.



Access videos and other materials to support training delivery

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