Whole School Climate 360 Assessment

WSC360 is a school climate assessment- a systemic analysis process that identifies strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your school climate efforts. Utilizing surveys, interviews, focus groups and analysis of existing discipline policies, WSC360 provides schools with a comprehensive report including specific recommendations and best practice actions to effectively improve school safety, increase attendance and promote greater academic achievement.

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The WSC360 Assessment process consists of 5 stages:

  1. ASSESS the Climate - Conduct a comprehensive assessment utilizing written and oral interviews with key leaders to gain a deeper understanding of your existing district climate issues, initiatives, policies and procedures;
  2. DESIGN the Assessment- Utilize customized processes and tools to obtain an in-depth understanding of your school climate (includes surveys, one-on-one and group interviews, in-depth focus groups with stakeholders and a detailed review of discipline policies);
  3. IMPLEMENT the Process- Conduct the assessment processes and gather input;
  4. ANALYZE & SYNTHESIZE the Data - Review, analyze and organize the data;
  5. PROVIDE SOLUTIONS - Develop a comprehensive report, including key findings and a set of effective and best-practice recommendations for strengthening your district's school climate. This also includes a presentation to your Board, or other appropriate body, and a digital presentation to help educate your constituents and foster support for your initiative.

For more information, please contact:

LeeAnn Lichnovsky, Director of Programs & Services


707-823-6159 ext. 111

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