Youth Summit

A Youth Summit is a half-day or full-day event designed for student leaders and/or Safe School Ambassadors from high schools and middle schools in a district or county to meet to develop strategies to break the “code of silence” and reduce the acceptance of youth violence that pervades youth culture.

This event provides a forum for youth to express their views on the causes of and solutions to youth violence. Summit activities help to defuse tensions and build alliances among cliques and gangs, identify problems and formulate strategies for reducing mistreatment and violence, and foster improved communication between youth and adults. For one or multiple schools – up to 100 students and 10-20 adults.

The Need:

Violence in schools and threats to school safety have increased in recent years.  Many youth are reluctant to come forward with information, resistant to asking for help from or reporting dangerous situations to adults, or unable to take effective action. These factors are significant contributors to the growing public health risks of school bullying and violence. 

However, when youth are engaged, equipped and empowered for taking action, youth WILL break the "code of silence" and work to reduce violence in schools in collaboration with adults. We must provide avenues for the youth voice to be heard, for them to be involved and equipped with skills of observation and intervention to help make their schools and communities safer for all.  


When we see and utilize youth as valuable and active contributors rather than passive consumers, they can become powerful change-agents in creating more peaceful schools and communities. 

Youth have the unique ability to step up, stand up, and speak up for their peers and to bring information forward to adults – information that will transform their schools and save lives. 


For up to 100 students & 20 adults (minimum 10:1 ratio of youth to adults).


Varies with number of participants and other factors. Contact us for a customized quote.

Funding Resources: Click here to learn more about available sources of funding for this program.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. - Friedrich Nietzsche