School Climate & Safety Improvement – Staff Development

Improve school climate and improve safety with this staff development program.

This professional development program provides staff members with tools to achieve improved communication with students, proactive intervention strategies, and bullying prevention best practices that lead to higher achievement and attendance.

This workshop will help staff and faculty members understand the nature and extent of emotional and physical violence, relational aggression and cyberbullying – and their impact on learning and academic achievement, attendance and participation in school, child/youth development, and school climate and security. The session will demonstrate ways to significantly increase the ease and effectiveness of adult interactions with students. Participants will leave equipped with better observation, relationship and intervention skills that they can immediately use to:

  • Identify, prevent and deescalate student mistreatment
  • Build supportive and empowering relationships with students
  • Equip and empower students to prevent and reduce bullying and violence

Through a series of hands-on activities, participants will learn and practice communication skills and proactive intervention strategies they can use to increase their students’ trust and willingness to talk with them. Participants will also learn about other best practices in bullying prevention and school climate improvement, including the Safe School Ambassadors® Program, and what they can do to support it on their campus.

-Half day or full day