Empowering Student Athletes as Positive Leaders

The Empowering Student Athletes as Positive Leaders Training is a student-centered model that harnesses the power of student athletes to create a positive school climate.

Student athletes have a strong influence on most campuses, and can be a critical resource for creating positive change in school climate. This one-day interactive workshop inspires and equips athletes on campus to harness their power and influence to create a more inclusive and safe school climate which reduces bullying and mistreatment.

-One day training, in-person and virtual options, for up to 40 students and 5 adults.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your training.

“This year we provided our Ambassadors with more leadership opportunities. One highlight was a training they provided for our yard supervisors on how to notice aggressors and intervene using language that deescalates the situation.” – Amber Stringellow, Principal, Guerneville School, Guerneville CA.