Empowering Students to be Upstanders

An introduction to Upstanding and campus community building

Students are the largest population on a school campus, and with their powerful youth voice, set the social norms. This powerful half-day workshop introduces students to the concept of being Upstanders, and how they can be influential in creating and maintaining a safe and positive school climate where all students feel connected and included. Students will participate in community building and self-reflective activities, and practice several ways to safely intervene when they witness bullying or other forms of mistreatment.

-Half day training

“The skills taught are applicable to the instances of peer mistreatment occurring at our elementary school. It has been helpful in providing students with the tools to stand up for other students and over time has reduced the number of bystanders observing peer mistreatment. The program is fostering a healthy attitude towards school and is helping to maintain that Dudley is a safe place to learn and be yourself.”
-Steve Jackson, Principal, Dudley Elementary School, Antelope, CA