Youth Summit Strategic Workshop

The Youth Summit brings student leaders/Safe School Ambassadors from different schools together to combine resources for a more powerful impact on bullying prevention.

The Youth Summit event is designed for student leaders and/or Safe School Ambassadors from schools within a district or county to meet to develop strategies to reduce incidents of bullying and other mistreatments.

The Summit provides a forum for youth to express their views on the causes of and solutions to prevent and stop bullying. Summit activities help to build alliances among the diverse groups on campus, identify problems and formulate strategies for reducing mistreatment, and foster improved communication between youth and adults.

-Half or full day training

“SSA greatly impacts our student body in a positive way and helps provide our school with a common language and everyone knows what it means to be an “Upstander.” -Mary Ann Spitzer, Principal, Adele Harrison Middle School, Sonoma CA