Social-Emotional Learning Tool Kit

A well-developed social-emotional plan is critical to effectively returning to school, be it in a distance learning model or classroom. It gives schools the best opportunity to create a safe and supportive school climate, one that best creates the conditions needed for learning and success.

The SEL Tool Kit is designed to support educators by providing online training, resources, materials, and activities for successfully meeting the social-emotional needs of staff, students, and families.

The tool kit includes the following components:

  • Overview and orientation session
  • Four one hour online trainings
  • Materials including scripts for leading discussions, activities, restorative circle prompts and handouts
  • Coaching and trouble-shooting support through regularly scheduled Zoom meetings

The videos may be viewed in any order but we recommend beginning with the Leadership Training Module followed by All Staff Development.

We recommend schools and districts create a Social Emotional Learning Committee to review this process, and to debrief and plan after viewing the videos.

Online Leadership Training Module- 1 hour

Objective: By the end of this module participants will:

  • Have tools to support all staff with self-care and wellness plans
  • Have strategies, talking points and scripts for leading effective staff meetings
  • Understand best practices for gaining staff buy-in for SEL

Audience: site administrators responsible for staff development and oversight

Online All Staff Development Training Module – 1 hour

Objective: By the end of this module participants will:

  • Know proven self-care practices for remaining healthy – emotionally and physically
  • Be able to generate a personal self-care and wellness plan
  • Strengthen communication skills to effectively connect with students
  • Be able to effectively address the needs of students dealing with anxiety and trauma

Audience: all staff – administrative, certificated and classified

Online Leading Student Meetings Training Module- 1.5 hours

Objective: By the end of this module participants will:

  • Understand the importance and the benefits of providing students with the opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences, process emotions, and learn tools and tips for self-care and supporting classmates
  • Be equipped to conduct a series of student meetings, both large and small
  • Understand how to utilize activities, prompts and scripts for guiding group discussions

Audience: 3-5 key staff leaders per school

Online Parent and Family Training Module – 1 hour

Objective: By the end of this module participants will:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of having all staff prepared and equipped to support parents and families
  • Have tools and materials to engage and support staff with best communication practices for engaging parents and families
  • Gain tips and best practices for supporting and dealing with family members experiencing stress, anxiey or even anger

Audience: All staff that work and communicate with Family Communities

Pricing and Scheduling:

Single site cost: $695
For district-wide implementation, discounts are available. Please contact LeeAnn, see below.

For more information or to secure the SEL Tool Kit, please contact:
LeeAnn Lichnovsky at 707-823-6159 ext.111 or [email protected]

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