Program & Services Guide

Whole School Climate Improvement

Our programs and services contribute to a coordinated and sustainable approach for improving school climate while decreasing behavior incidents and suspensions.

*All prices include materials, technical assistance and trainer travel expenses

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Community Matters’ Safe School Ambassadors® program is included in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. See Intervention Summary here.

Safe School Ambassadors® Program - Elementary, Middle & High School Trainings:

This training equips socially influential students with skills they can use with their peers to prevent, stop, or report bullying, violence, and other forms of mistreatment. The Initial and Expansion Trainings are for new students and adults and includes program guides, web tools, and resources. Also includes coaching by phone and email to support program implementation and sustainability.
1st Year Implementation (Initial Training):  Community Matters trains up to 40 new elementary, middle, or high school students and 5-8 adults (1:6 adult to student ratio for each day).
2nd and subsequent years (Expansion Training):  Community Matters trains up to 40 new elementary, middle, or high school students and 5-8 adults; on Day 2 schools may add up to 12 previously-trained veteran Ambassadors. (1:6 adult to student ratio for each day).

Two-day: $6,500

Safe School Ambassadors® Program - Refresher Training

This training is for previously trained students and adults. It is intended to re-invigorate the program, provide skills review, and assist with annual program planning. The Refresher includes training, program guides, tools, resources, and coaching. This is for experienced, previously trained students and adults only.

For up to 60 students (1:6 adult to student ratio)

One-day:  $3,800

The following services support & sustain the Safe School Ambassadors® program:

Safe School Ambassadors® Program -  Training-of-Trainers (TOT):

This training is designed for a team of people within a district or school to be trained to conduct SSA Expansions, Refreshers, and Expansion-Refresher trainings for schools in their district or region that have already conducted SSA first year trainings. For schools that have had at least two years of successful SSA program implementation.

Contact us for more information.

Safe School Ambassadors® Program - TOT Refresher:

This training is intended to refresh and re-invigorate TOT Participants. Includes training, tools, resources, and coaching. For experienced, previously-trained TOT participants only.

From $3,800

Safe School Ambassadors® Program - Program Advisor / Family Group Facilitator Training:

These trainings are designed to help Program Advisors and/or Family Group Facilitators improve and grow their SSA family group meetings. Participants will learn to utilize program benchmarks and data to grow the program, conduct effective presentations to secure internal and community support, and train, coach, and supervise Family Group Facilitators to increase their effectiveness. One year of Program Advisor experience recommended.

Full-day: $3,000    Half-day: $2,200


Peer to Peer Prevention Program (PPPP) (Middle or High School): 

The Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program (PPPP) aims to decrease student use of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) through careful selection of socially influential student leaders from grades 7-12. Selected students and adult facilitators are trained in communication skills and techniques, so they can effectively communicate with their peers about the use, misuse and abuse of ATOD’s.

For up to 30 students and 4-5 adults (1:7 adult to student ratio)

Two-day: $6,000

LGBTQI Support Training (Middle or High School)

This training equips diverse student leaders with the knowledge, motivation and skills to prevent, interrupt and stop incidents of bullying, harassment and cyber-bullying targeting LGBTQI students. Provides students with the confidence and competence to act as “upstanders”, reduces disciplinary incidents, saves time and money and improves overall school climate.

For up to 30 students and 5 adult leaders

Two-day: $6,000

Waking Up Courage Assembly (WUCA):

A powerful, student-centered experience that engages, unites, and empowers K-12 students to stand up and speak up when they see bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment among their peers. It introduces them to youth-friendly language and skills they can use to safely and effectively defuse, de-escalate, and stop bullying behaviors. The Assembly can be easily incorporated into existing school bell schedules.

Includes 125 to 250 students per Assembly (1:30 adult to student ratio).

Up to 3 Assemblies per day.  One-day: $3,800

Connect & Respect Program:

For smaller schools, this one-day training provides students and faculty with the skills and experiences to challenge stereotypes about one another and build more positive relationships, which reduces bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment, while improving the overall social-emotional climate.

For up to 70 students and 9-14 adults (1:10 adult to student ratio)

One-day: $3,800

Safer Schools Youth Summit:

A half- to full-day event with student leaders and/or Ambassadors from the high and/or middle schools in a district or county. With the support of adults, diverse student leaders meet to develop strategies to break the “code of silence,” reduce acceptance of “bystanderism” that pervades the youth culture, and build positive school climates.

One or multiple schools – up to 100 students & 20 adults (min 1:10 adult to student ratio)

Contact us for more information.


School Climate & Safety Improvement – Staff Development:

Half-day or full-day trainings available to help staff members understand the importance of school climate, its relationship to achievement and attendance, and what staff can do to improve student behavior and reduce discipline incidents, including:

  • Noticing the pervasive forms of student-on-student mistreatment
  • Building supportive relationships with students
  • Intervening safely and effectively using effective communication as a form of intervention

Custom trainings available at an additional cost.

Full-day: $3,000; Half-day: $2,200

Strengthening School Climate and Improving Discipline - Administrators Training:

Full-day training provides a “roadmap” to make sense of school climate and offers:

  • A framework for understanding school climate and its impact on achievement and discipline
  • Best practices and strategies for supporting positive school climate 
  • Recommendations for reducing suspensions through restorative practices
  • A summary of laws, regulations, and funding related to bullying and cyberbullying

Full-day: $3,000

School Climate & Safety Improvement – School Resource Officers and Campus Supervisors:

Full-day training for School Resource Officers (SRO’s)/Campus Supervisors and others responsible for school safety to understand the importance of school climate, its connection to educational outcomes, and what they can do to improve it, including:

  • Building supportive relationships with students
  • Noticing the pervasive forms of bullying, harassment and cyberbullying
  • Intervening effectively using relational power vs. positional power

Full-day: $3,000

Bus Driver Training – Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training: 

Full-day training for bus drivers and any others responsible for bus safety. Many districts report increased discipline incidents occurring on school buses, putting drivers and students at greater risk. This interactive and dynamic training provides the following:

  • Best practice skills for managing disruptive behaviors using restorative practices
  • Knowledge and skills for building and strengthening relationships with students
  • Resources and tools for being an “asset building” adult

Full-day: $3,000

LGBTQI Student Support Training for Administrators & Staff:

Provides administrators, faculty, and other educational leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources to address the growing safety and educational concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersex youth (LGBTQI). The training helps leaders of today’s diverse school communities build climates of safety where all young people experience acceptance, connection, and respect.

Half-day: $2,200


Restorative Practices – Administrators Training:

This training is intended for administrative-level staff with responsibility for school safety, climate, and discipline. It provides an overview of restorative practices and its relationship to discipline, school climate, and its roots in restorative justice. Participants will learn how to effectively establish school-wide restorative practices by building buy-in of staff and families, developing policies and procedures, training staff and leadership, and utilizing best practices and lessons from the field. 

One-day: $3,000

Restorative Practices – Skills Development (Circles):

This training is designed for staff and administrators. It provides a foundation for individuals interested in using restorative practices with their students and deepening their understanding of its roots in restorative justice and effectiveness in achieving positive behavioral outcomes. The training is experiential and provides skills practice with affective statements, impromptu dialogue, and the use of circles, which are essential elements in the restorative practice continuum.  

Two-day: $5,300

Restorative Practices – Conferencing:

Community Matters partners with the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) to provide this Formal Restorative Conferencing Training.

This 2-day training is designed for individuals experienced in Restorative Practices and are interested in facilitating restorative conferences. Participants will:

  • Learn how to plan and coordinate pre-conference activities, which are essential to the success of Restorative Conferences
  • Gain skills needed for effectively facilitating conferences
  • Understand how to develop and monitor high quality follow-up plans
  • Recognize the benefits of Restorative Conferencing and their positive impacts on school discipline, suspensions and overall climate
  • Receive a copy of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) conferencing book

* Pre-requisite: Participants must have prior experience with Restorative Practices (RP), either completing Community Matters' Restorative Practices Skills Development 2-day training or related experience.

Two-day: $6,300 - Includes IIRP Materials

Restorative Practices –   Empowering Students as Restorative Leaders

This training serves up to 10 staff leaders with responsibility for school safety, climate, and discipline. The training also includes up to 40 diverse student leaders. This powerful youth and adult forum provides hands-on practice for leading restorative circles, strengthens relationships between staff and students and empowers and equips young people with the tools and support to be restorative leaders in their schools. It is designed for both middle and high school level. 

One-day: $3,800

Restorative Practices – Consulting Services

With expertise and a proven track record of success in implementing and utilizing restorative approaches and practices for school climate improvement, Community Matters is available to provide consultation services to districts and individual schools that are interested in school climate transformation efforts.

Contact us for more information.


Parents/Guardians Workshop: 

This engaging two-hour workshop will equip parents/guardians with knowledge and skills to take action when they or their children witness or hear about bullying, harassment and cyberbullying.  Parents will learn how to use proven communication skills to encourage their children to talk with them more openly. Participants will learn ways to respond effectively and how to engage with school staff when incidents occur. Parents will also learn about the Safe School Ambassadors® program, which equips student leaders with the skills to prevent, interrupt and stop acts of meanness. For one or more schools – up to 100 participants.

$750 - Parent Workshops are held in conjunction with another full-day service

Safer Schools Symposium:

This one-day event engages educators, students, and parents who gather with leaders from government, business, nonprofit and service sectors to examine how young people can partner with adults to prevent and reduce violence, bullying, and other forms of mistreatment, and build more positive school climates. For multiple stakeholders within the community – up to 100 people.

Contact us for more information.


Safer Schools ~ Saving Time ~ Recovering Money ~ Higher Performance

WSC360° is a comprehensive school site or district-wide assessment and analysis process that identifies strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in climate improvement efforts.

A WSC360° Assessment can include but is not limited to: a comprehensive review of discipline policies and procedures; district-wide climate surveys; interviews with key educational leaders; a review of discipline numbers and patterns, focus groups with students, staff and parents; and a final report with best practice recommendations.

A two-day strategic planning session is provided that engages approximately 25 stakeholders from the school and community at large. This session provides an analysis of findings, training on how to use the Whole School Climate Framework as a “roadmap for planning, and tools and resources for developing a school climate improvement plan.

A final report is produced with specific solution-based recommendations that can enhance school safety and reduce suspensions while also improving attendance, increasing academic achievement, and recovering much of the time and money expended when dealing with disciplinary incidents.

Each WSC360° Assessment is customized and priced based on the size of the district, the scope of the assessment, and the specific circumstances of your climate.

Contact us for more information.


Community Matters experienced staff and trainers are available to deliver keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics such as: “Improving School Discipline and Creating Safer Schools from the Inside-Out”, “Empowering Youth to Stop Bullying and Improve School Climate: An Evidence-Based Approach”, and “Leading the Change through Restorative Practices”.

Contact us for more information.


As a national thought leader in school climate and school safety, Community Matters is available to provide consultation services to districts and individual schools that are engaged in school climate transformation efforts.

Contact us for more information.

*Additional Notes/Details

  • Prices are based on travel within the continental United States. Additional travel expenses may apply for remote or extremely rural locations.
  • Customization:  Community Matters may offer individualized consultation and customization of select programs and services to meet the specific needs of the school/community.
  • Visit our Funding Sources for Schools web page to download our Funding Toolkit for information on how to find funding support.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. The prices above are quoted for the 2017 - 18 School Year.


In just a few minutes, easily calculate your Annual Costs & Losses in time and money as a result of Student Suspensions...and discover how much your school or district could recover.

Student Suspensions equal higher absenteeism, which translates directly to losses in your attendance-based revenue. Suspensions also have a secondary cost: the amount of time and money it takes to process the suspensions.

We have focused on suspensions here as an example of discipline costs because they’re a significant predictor of the quality of school climate, and because they’re universally tracked by schools. Similar calculations could be made for expulsions and drop outs, or for the growing numbers of children who stay home from school every day for fear of being bullied or otherwise mistreated by their peers.

Fill in the fields below to learn what suspensions are costing your school or district and how much could be saved.

COSTS of processing suspensions...Enter your data for one school, multiple schools or for an entire district

The NUMBER OF HOURS spent processing suspensions in one year0 hours
which is equivalent to 0 days or 0 weeks out of the school year!
Your annual cost of administrative time $0.00

LOSS OF REVENUE due to suspensions...

Your annual attendance revenue lost = $0.00


Your annual cost of administrative time
+ Your annual attendance revenue lost =
Your total annual costs & losses due to suspensions

Now, imagine recovering and reallocating this much time and money, and possibly more!

Research shows that the most effective strategy for the prevention of harassment, cyber-aggression and bullying is empowering student bystanders to intervene. When they do, these incidents are defused, deescalated and prevented, resulting in fewer referable offenses, and ultimately, fewer suspensions.

Community Matters’ Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) program does exactly that. It wakes up students’ courage and equips them with skills to safely and effectively intervene. Based on a two‐year independent study, it has been shown that schools where the SSA program was implemented as designed, experienced a 33% decrease in suspensions. The following calculation uses that 33% decrease to calculate the amount of your potential recovery.