Voice UP! – Sexual Abuse & Molestation Prevention

Watch the introductory video:

The VoiceUp! Training is designed to support schools and districts in their efforts to:
1. Educate school staff, students and parents on ways to protect students from sexual abuse, molestation and harassment.
2. Empower students to protect themselves and their friends including how to identify, prevent and get help.
3. Guide parents with tools and resources that support open communication and building trusting parent-child connection.

Student Training: Utilizing an age-appropriate empowerment approach, the student training is at the heart of the program. Students will learn about the importance of creating and maintaining healthy boundaries. They will be equipped with tools to recognize, prevent, and report when they see, hear, know, and feel that boundaries have been violated.
• Middle / High School (Grades 7-12)
• Elementary School (Grades 4-6) COMING SOON!

Support for Parents/Guardians: Parents will be provided access to the student training program along with tips and guidance on how to:
• Ask questions in a supportive, non-threatening way without shaming
• Identify behavioral changes and signs of trouble (i.e. grooming)
• Discuss boundaries and respect for self and others and what to do if boundaries have been crossed

School Staff: Staff will be provided access to the student training program along with tips to implement the program with their students. In addition, staff will take part in a supplemental training module including measures to:
• Understand the costs and consequences of the significant increase in sexual abuse and molestation allegations and the impact on all involved
• Recognize warning signs and characteristics of sexual misconduct by fellow staff members – grooming, exploiting, etc.
• Create clear professional boundaries that protect staff and students

Additional Option: VoiceUp! Administrator Training: Community Matters provides customized training and consulting to support school districts with district roll out and consistent implementation.
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Courses include the following elements designed for target audiences:

  • Proactive Approach vs. Reactive Approach: The importance of setting up a climate of connection to prevent opportunities for SAM
  • Notice: How to identify signs of trouble (i.e. signs of grooming)
  • Communicate: How to ask questions in a supportive, non-threating way without shaming (i.e. age appropriate conversations with your child/students; how to handle resistance in a collaborative/supportive way)
  • Act: Steps to take if something is brought to your attention, or if you have that feeling that something ‘is just not right’

Also included:

  • Administrator Introduction: A two-hour training delivered by a Community Matters Trainer providing an overview of the modules, a road map on how to deliver the training and initial access to the online platform. It is designed for district, county education entities, and school pool level staff that is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the trainings
  • Guides including lessons, promotional materials, and resources for the web-based training modules
  • Certificate of Completion for online and in-person training participants

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