Parent & Community Education

Parent Workshop

Equips parents/guardians with knowledge and skills to act when they or their children witness or hear about bullying, harassment and cyberbullying.

Parents will learn how to use proven communication skills to encourage their children to talk with them more openly. Participants will learn ways to respond effectively and how to engage with school staff when incidents occur. Parents will also learn about the Safe School Ambassadors® Program, which equips student leaders with the skills to prevent, interrupt and stop bullying and mistreatment.

-Two-hour workshop, for up to 100 participants

Restorative Practices for Families

This 2-part series will provide parents and caregivers skills, tools and strategies they can implement to bring restorative practices (RP) to life at home. Participants will learn how to create optimal distance-learning environments for their children, provide opportunities to strengthen relationships and improve communication, and support a positive learning climate at home and online.
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Cyberbullying and the Principles of Digital Citizenship

This training helps parents navigate current trends in social media, raise awareness of their child’s online experience and model how to interact safely and responsibly in the digital world.
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“I have seen our Ambassadors work together as a team to confront a powerful cyberbully in their circle of friends.  Over time, the Ambassadors were able to use reasoning and balancing to influence the bully’s actions.  I think what was most impressive about this ongoing problem was the persistence of the Ambassadors.”  -Julie Opfer, Principal, Cyril Spinelli Elementary, Antelope, CA