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Why You Have to “Maslow” in Order to “Bloom”: An SEL Plan to Reset the Culture and Climate of Schools within the First 30 Days

Rick Phillips, Founder of Community Matters is joined by Keith Hickman, International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Executive Director of Collective Impact to provide a roadmap for building and implementing a best practices “30 Day SEL Plan”, a common sense approach that promotes connection as the most effective value and behavior for meeting the needs of students and staff as schools re-open.

Social-Emotional Learning – Strategies for Increasing Academic Achievement and Improving Mental Health

Social-emotional learning is not in competition with academics – in fact, it is integral to academic success.

By making social-emotional learning a top priority, and having a well-developed SEL plan, students can emerge from this pandemic with greater resiliency, secure in the knowledge that they have adult allies at school who are there to assist them.

5 Social Emotional Strategies for Effectively Re-Opening Schools

CM Founder Rick Phillips outlines the need for SEL support as schools reopen post-COVID-19, and the Re-Entry Tool Kit being developed by Community Matters.

For more information, see our Re-Entry Tool Kit page.

Watch a condensed 12-minute version of this webinar here.

An Introduction to Restorative Practices

CM Restorative Practices Trainer Paul Osincup provides an overview on Restorative Practices (RP).  Paul discusses how he came to adopt RP as a viable alternative to traditional disciplinary methods, beginning with his years of working with youth as a college administrator.

Increasing Student Voice: Strategies to Reduce Bullying & Improve School Climate

CM Founder Rick Phillips and LeeAnn Lichnovsky discuss how empowering students to find their voice improves school climate.