Waking Up Courage Assembly

The Waking Up Courage Assembly introduces students to language and skills they can use to prevent and stop bullying.

The Waking Up Courage Assembly is a powerful, student-centered experience that enlists, unites, and empowers students to take a stand and speak up when they see bullying and violence among their peers. This presentation delivers a compelling and consistent message to all students that bullying is never tolerated, and silence isn’t either. It introduces them to youth-friendly language and skills they can use to safely and effectively defuse, deescalate and stop bullying behavior. The assembly can be easily incorporated into existing school schedules.

Waking Up Courage Assemblies Are Effective

  • Provides a common vocabulary that alerts students to the mean behavior that is too often ignored, accepted, or not even recognized as being mean
  • Promotes understanding of the effect of bullying on the whole school/community
  • Increases empathy and motivation to act, both on and off campus
  • Helps bystanders speak up by providing effective, youth-friendly communication skills, language and actions that all students can use to safely and effectively intervene when they witness bullying and other mistreatment

Follow Up Activities

The Waking Up Courage Assembly package also includes a guide with a summary of key concepts from the assembly, and instructions for three follow-up classroom activities. It also includes a list of additional projects that can be done with the school community or in the classroom. These activities are designed to be either led by an adult or co-led by adults and students.

-One day; up to four assemblies – available in onsite and virtual formats

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“The assembly has encouraged our students to speak up to their peers and parents about inappropriate behaviors they’ve noticed or experienced and has opened the door to change.” – Brett Ploumen, Counselor, Adams Middle School, Redondo Beach, CA