Whole School Climate 360 Assessment (WSC360)

WSC360 is a powerful strategic planning process that includes comprehensive school site or district-wide assessment and analysis process that identifies strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in climate improvement efforts.

National best practices and current research demonstrate that when districts make school climate a cornerstone of their comprehensive and coordinated efforts, schools can effectively achieve increased attendance and improved achievement, while decreasing discipline incidents and improving school safety.

A WSC360 Assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive review of discipline policies and procedures
  • District-wide climate surveys
  • Interviews with key educational leaders
  • Review of discipline data and patterns
  • Focus groups with students, staff and parents
  • Final report with best practice recommendations

Upon completion of data gathering, a two-day strategic planning session is conducted that engages stakeholders from the school and community at large. This session provides an analysis of findings, training on how to use the Whole School Climate Framework as a roadmap for planning, and tools and resources for developing a school climate improvement plan.

Each WSC360 Assessment is customized and priced based on the size of the school or district, the scope of the assessment, and the specific circumstances of the school or district’s climate.

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“Community Matters’ Whole School Climate 360 Assessment has allowed Manor ISD to fully understand our areas of need and be able to build on our strengths toward school climate. They provided a succinct strategy forward in developing a strong district-wide culture. The trainings allowed our campuses to realize a common vision for district culture and utilize the tools from the training to fully implement what we learned.”  – Dr. Royce Avery, Superintendent, Manor Independent School District