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Demonte Smith – Safe School Ambassador

Demonte Smith, a sixth-grader at Visitacion Valley Middle School in San Francisco, CA and fellow Ambassadors and staff speak about the impact of the Safe School Ambassadors program on their school and how it has affected them personally.

Safe School Ambassadors at Fairfield High School

Safe School Ambassadors from Fairfield High School in northern California discuss the SSA program at their school, and how it has affected them.

Safe School Ambassadors at Wilson C. Riles Middle School

Assistant Principal Chris Borasi of Wilson C. Riles Middle School in Roseville, California and his school’s Ambassadors share how SSA have made a difference on their campus.

Inside California Education – Safe School Ambassadors

Excerpted from a segment produced by Sacramento PBS station KVIE-6. Featuring CM Founder Rick Phillips, CM Trainer Eric Rubin, and staff and student participants at a Safe School Ambassadors Training at Fairfield High School in California.

How to Manage and Prevent Bullying

Students in the United States today face numerous challenges on campus among their peers. One of these challenges, unfortunately, is bullying. Studies indicate that 28% of U.S. students from grades 6 to 12 experience bullying.

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Emotion & Cognition in the Age of AI

How educators view the relationship between emotional well-being and learning.

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Safe School Ambassadors Book

Safe School Ambassadors: Harnessing Student Power to Stop Bullying and Violence is an essential guide for school administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, and youth organization leaders. It challenges the current “outside-in” thinking that keeping schools safe is accomplished primarily by adults through heightened security and stricter policies. It makes the case for a complementary “inside-out” approach that taps the power of students to change the social norms of a school culture in order to stop bullying and violence.

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Safe School Ambassadors Research

The Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) Program is built on a solid foundation of research, including the work of three pioneers in the field of bullying prevention. A review of published literature on bullying conducted by Denver CO-based Omni Research & Training found that the core principles of the SSA Program are supported by precedents and research.

Safe School Ambassadors Research Base

Security is Not Safety Position Paper

Any rational approach for making our schools safe learning environments must begin by first unpacking and understanding this premise: Security and safety are two different and necessary responses to effectively preventing and stopping school violence

Security is Not Safety Position Paper

Ten Keys to Safer Schools

A framework for planning and implementing a school safety plan that involves and empowers youth, administrators, teachers and parents in creating safer schools and achieving critical educational outcomes

Ten Keys to Creating Safer Schools