The Solution to Safer Schools

The Inside-Out Approach

The key to having safer schools - as well as increasing attendance, achievement and graduation rates - is by adopting and implementing an Inside-out Approach, one that focuses on:

  • Strengthening the relationships among the youth and adults
  • Viewing students as resources and contributors
  • Utilizing restorative justice practices and policies
  • Changing the social norms that allow bullying to occur.

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Safe School Ambassadors® Program

Safe School Ambassadors® Program

The nation's most effective bystander education program harnesses the power of students to prevent and stop bullying and violence. It is research-based, field tested, and proven - by more than 52,000 students in over 1,500 schools in the United States and Canada - to reduce incidents of bullying and cyber-bullying, promote academic excellence, and improve the overall school climate.

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The Whole School Climate Framework

The Whole School Climate Framework

Our Whole School Climate Framework provides educators with a comprehensive and clear blueprint and a step-by-step approach that results in safer and higher performing schools.

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Whole School Climate Assessment (WSC360)

Whole School Climate Assessment (WSC360)

Through a collaborative and customized process, we work with districts to examine their current school climate efforts and challenges. We identify opportunities for improvement, and provide recommendations, guidance and support to co-create a comprehensive school climate improvement plan.

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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Our programs and services are organized around our Whole School Climate Framework. They are grounded in research and developed by experienced practitioners. These programs and services contribute to a coordinated and sustainable approach that significantly improves school climate, decreases bullying-related incidents and reduces suspensions.

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Research & Results

Research & Results

Current school climate research and growing evidence demonstrate that academic achievement and social-emotional learning are interdependent and complementary. Schools that understand and embrace this fundamental principle experience higher achievement and attendance, improved graduation rates, and reduced levels of bullying, cyber-bullying and other disruptive behaviors.

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The evidence is clear that if we are to increase achievement, reduce suspensions, and graduate capable and contributing young adults, schools must be places where all students feel safe, included and connected. Let's work together to implement comprehensive, measurable and sustainable solutions.

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Safe School Ambassadors® is now included in SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

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A Success Story - A Donor Makes  A Difference

CEO and founder of Abacus Wealth Partners in Sebastopol, CA, Spencer Sherman believes in reinvesting wealth into worthy causes. Since 2005, Spencer has been sponsoring the Safe School Ambassadors® (SSA) program in numerous schools across the country. Read about the positive impact of Spencer's actions.