Schools & Families in Partnership: Restorative Practices for Distance Learning

This 2-part series will provide parents and caregivers skills, tools and strategies they can implement in partnership with schools to bring restorative practices (RP) to life at home in order to create optimal distance learning environments for their children. This series will also deepen staff skills in RP and provide opportunities to strengthen relationships and improve communication with families to support a positive school climate at home and online.

Learning Objectives

Part One

-Foundational theories of RP
-Fair process – agreements vs. rules
-Affective statements
-Circles for fun and connectedness

Part Two

-RP response requires RP system
-RP from Restorative Justice – paradigm shift
-RP questions
-Circles for response

-Two sessions of 1.5 hours each

-For up to 50 participants

For more information and to schedule this program:
Contact LeeAnn Lichnovsky at 707-823-6159 x111 or email [email protected]