Connecting with Students Using Community Building Circles

This series of 4 interactive modules will engage and motivate participants as they delve into the beneficial possibilities of using Circles with their students for in-person and online instruction. Community Building, Responsive, Curriculum and Restorative Circles will be explored as participants join in and design Circles they can immediately implement with their students.

Over the course of the training, participants will leave with 4 customized circles ready for implementation with their students. Join us as we create and offer tips for designing, managing, and facilitating Community and Responsive Circles.

Module 1 – The Art of Restorative Circles
Module 2 – Sharing Engaging Community Circles
Module 3 – Implementation of Fair Process, Affective Statements, and How to Incorporate Curriculum/Content into Circles to Strengthen Educational Settings
Module 4 – Understanding and Practice of Responsive Circles

-Each module is 1.5 hours

-For up to 30 adults

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