Facilitating Restorative Conferences – Virtual Training

Community Matters partners with the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) to provide this Formal Restorative Conferencing Training.

This condensed online training is designed for individuals experienced in Restorative Practices who are interested in facilitating restorative conferences. Participants will:
• Learn how to plan and coordinate pre-conference activities, which are essential to the success of Restorative Conferences
• Gain skills needed for effectively facilitating conferences
• Understand how to develop and monitor high quality follow-up plans
• Recognize the benefits of Restorative Conferencing and their positive impacts on school discipline, suspensions and overall climate

* Pre-requisite: Participants must have prior experience with RP, either completing Community Matters’ Restorative Practices Skills Development 2-day training or related experience.

-Two 3-hour modules, for up to 30 adults

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your training.