Restorative Practices for Administrators – Virtual Training

Designed for administrators at both the site and district levels.

This training provides an overview of Restorative Practices as a systemic approach to achieve positive behavioral outcomes and improve attendance. The training meets SEL criteria as a framework for integrating restorative behavioral solutions that have a positive impact on mental health. It yields higher academic achievement via curriculum circles, builds positive community, and fosters student to student and student to staff connections.
By the end of this training participants will:

  • Gain an overview of restorative practices in relation to a positive school climate, integration into curriculum, and as an alternative discipline approach, with its roots in restorative justice
  • Know how and when to implement RP strategies such as affective statements, impromptu dialogue, and the use of circles in creating and sustaining an inclusive and restorative culture on campus
  • Know and be able to introduce the Five Administrative Strategies for effectively establishing school-wide Restorative Practices

-Four consecutive two-hour modules (eight hours total)

-For up to 30 adults

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