Safe School Ambassadors® Program – Virtual Training

Training Framework

The all-online training is delivered in four modules, each lasting approximately two hours.
Modules are delivered via the Zoom platform, password protected and interactive.

For Safe School Ambassadors Initial trainings: Up to 40 new student Ambassadors and 5-7 adults. Everyone participates in all four modules.

For Safe School Ambassadors Expansion trainings: Up to 40 new student Ambassadors and 5-7 adults.
During Module 4 only: Up to  6 Veteran Ambassadors may be invited to participate in this final module and share their experiences as Safe School Ambassadors as well as welcome the new Ambassadors to their group.

Training Content

Module 1: Foundation and Community Building

Participants will get to know their trainer and each other as well as understand the structure of the online modules. They will go over the SSA program principles and overview of the Ambassador Job. Participants will begin to learn how to recognize types of mistreatment including that found in the wider online community and media outlets.

Module 2: Recognizing the costs of mistreatment to ourselves and the community

Through hands-on and interactive activities, participants explore more of the effects of mistreatment in their own school community and understand their own roles in receiving, perpetrating, and witnessing mistreatment. After discussing the negative costs to themselves and their communities, students are empowered to start their Ambassador work and learn about the elements of their Ambassador jobs.

Module 3: Balancing, Supporting and Reasoning

During this module participants will start learning and practicing Ambassador actions. Students engage in role plays to practice the actions using real scenarios from their school.

Module 4: Active Listening & Getting Help

During the final module, students will participate in a listening circle and formalize the bonds they have developed over the past 4 days. They will also develop an understanding of why and how to Get Help when problems are too big for students to handle on their own.

Family Groups: After the training, Ambassadors will continue to meet with each other and their Adult Facilitators online in Virtual Family Groups. Best practice is to have this meeting occur weekly. The agendas for the Virtual Family Groups will be shared with the Adult Facilitators, who are drawn from the adults who participate in the online modules.

For more information and to schedule these programs, contact LeeAnn Lichnovsky at 707-823-6159 x111 or email [email protected]